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Postby JR Africa » Jun 09 17 7:27 pm

Hi Guys

I have set up a failover server which will be sitting on a remote site with SQL replication etc.

This server is part of my disaster recovery plan and will be used in the event of a local system failure.

I am at the Wingate section of server build and need to know what is the policy regarding licensing ?

I currently have a 31 User Enterprise license with a corresponding Kaspersky license.

Am I able to set up/activate these licenses on my failover server without compromising my existing server ?

JR Africa
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Re: Licensing

Postby MattP » Jun 20 17 8:40 pm

Hi J,

Each WinGate server requires its own license and a license can only be activated on one machine at a time. If you need a backup machine to be 100% accessible then you'd want a second license, however if you can wait until you can activate a trial license while you get the other license deactivated from the original machine then you could just use a trial license and then move your purchased license across.

Licenses can be deactivated from our website if you don't have access to the activated server because it has crashed.


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