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User count exceeded

Postby traxtech » May 18 23 3:18 am

I currently operate Wingate under a 25-User Enterprise License. Recently, while out of the office recovering from a major surgery, my system issued a License Count Exceeded Notification and reported 4 denied client access attempts. The Notification states the date/time, "License Count Exceeded", Status:Active, Plan :Default, last change : (Time of event Plus 10min), and Count: 6.

What gives? Was the License Count Exceeded by 6 or did it cut off a user at 6?

Thank you for clearing up this matter.
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Re: User count exceeded

Postby adrien » May 20 23 2:13 pm

the 6 should be the count at the time that the notification was processed.

It's possible that this can be different to the license count that triggered the notification, since the report is posted asynchronously and is handled in a separate thread, and so there is a time period in between where people could disconnect.

However it seems unlikely that 19 clients would disconnect during that small window of time.


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