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One session per user

Jul 09 12 1:11 am

I am a new Wingate 7 (7.2.2) user. I want to restrict my user to open 1 web session at any time, i.e. once authenticated in one session, wingate should prevent another log-in using the same credential. Is this possible?
Rod C
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Re: One session per userr

Jul 09 12 4:18 pm

Hi Rod

Are you meaning you want to have each user who uses WinGate through a terminal server (multi user machine) to be authed.

If thats the case then this can be achieved by the Don't allow credentials established by a session to be used by other sessions option when creating a credential rule in WinGate. This is however a license restricted option, only available when using WinGate with an Enterprise license.


Re: One session per user

Jul 10 12 9:02 pm

Hi Irwin,
Thanks for your response. I am not referring the multi-user machine. I want to stop an authorised user from opening multiple web browser sessions simultaneously from 2 or more computers. So, I want Wingate to prevent further login using the same user credential when a session is already opened.
One of our locations uses Inernet acess via a sat.link so I need to conserver the bandwidth for web browsing. I hope I have explained my requirement clearly.

Re: One session per user

Jul 11 12 4:00 pm

Hi Rod

Currently WinGate doesn't have this feature in 7, however we're looking to add it.

Are you looking to:

a) prevent people opening multiple web browsers on the same computer with the same login
b) prevent people opening multiple web browsers on different computers with the same login

the second we could add, the first isn't possible, since the browser makes multiple connections to the proxy anyway, and we can't tell which browser instance the connection comes from.



Re: One session per user

Aug 26 14 8:36 pm

Hi Adrien,

I am looking to do b.
To prevent a single user using multiple machine to access WinGate concurrently.

I am using Wingate 8. Is this feature already built in?
How do I go about doing it?


Re: One session per user

Aug 30 14 9:45 pm


If it is not possible, is there a way to detect the user is using multiple computer to access wingate concurrently?


Re: One session per user

Dec 15 18 4:56 pm

Rather than make a new thread I thought I'd ask here whether this feature is available now in WinGate 9?

Re: One session per user

Dec 17 18 2:50 pm


this should actually be possible using flow-chart policy if you have an enterprise license. In this case you have access to the Pre-Auth event, which allows you to override authentication, and you have access to the username and IP the authentication is coming fron.

So a basic design could be to check if the IP the user is logging in from is permitted for that user. Either by adding it to a list where the name of the list contains the username (so there's one list per username), or some other method. Checking for list existence would be the test to whether the user currently is associated with an IP.

Do you foresee the IP address changing a lot per user? One of the issues is figuring out when a user has finished using credentials (e.g. is it when all the connections are closed, or some time later).

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