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Mac - PC - WinGate - Direcway NAT?

Mar 02 06 9:27 am

I've been using WinGate on my Win2K box, to give internet access to my Mac (via USB Wifi).

Until now, I had dialup internet on the PC, but am now using a DirecWay DW7000, via the ethernet port on my PC, with the Wifi connected to the PC via USB dongle.

Everything was fairly simple previously with the dialup, using NAT with no proxies to deal with.

I've seen the recommendations on the forums to set up the Proxies in Wingate for the Direcway, which worked ok, but limited the Mac to internet addresses that the proxies cover, and required me to set up each proxy in Wingate, as well as on the Mac.

I finally ran into a brick wall trying to set up simple internet email access. I also struggled with RealAudio servers and Quicktime audio (SMIL) files.

Isn't there a simpler way, with the Direcway setup, that utilizes NAT, so the Mac can access all different protocols without my needing to set up proxies for each?

Thanks for any help.

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