NAT WWW Proxy Problem

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NAT WWW Proxy Problem

Postby cgolden » Mar 17 06 8:29 am

Here is my networking setup
Windows 2000 Server with Wingate 6.1.0 . Server is a domain controller with active directory set up. This is a new server just upgraded from an older server with same OS. I migrated Wingate with registry settings, users, etc. I have several Windows XP clients on the local area network with the Windows 2000 Server set up as the gateway. The DNS on the client machines is from the ISP directly. On the old server this worked great (I have assumed users set up), when someone tried to access a site they weren't supposed to go to - it told them Not Authorized. On the same client machines with the new server (and from what I can tell, I am running the same services, setup, etc) I am able to get to any web site, and I don't even see them trying to authenticate like before. The remote machines from a different network that use the WGIC work just fine and are authenticating. I am intercepting ports 80 and 8080 through the WWW Proxy. No matter what settings I try I cannot get the NAT setup to work like before on the XP client PC's. I am wondering what I might be missing as the old server was set up years ago, and the Wingate setup on the new server is identical to the old (from exporting).. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance....
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