Client access to internet??

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Client access to internet??

Postby Decsus » Mar 28 06 5:29 am

Hi I have the following setup and also a few questions regarding the setup.

I know a few posts have been made which touches the subject but please bare with me.

Lets say 10 Pc's conected to a server (nework card 1) via a switch and then a adsl router conected to the server aswell (network card 2). They are on different subnets.

I want to assign bandwidth to the diff pc's.

This is how it is currently working.

Server IP
Wingate DHCP running 192.168.0.(2-*)

DHCP = True
Assumed User = True

Then offcoarse:- eg. User has 2 Gb bandwith and user is assumed to be IP adress 192.168.0.*

The DHCP assigns the IP to a Computer for a 90 day lease period.

Is there any safer way to ensure people arent able to abuse the IP's and connect to the net.

I think one guy is able to swithc his IP between and somehow and access the NET.

Being able to limit by MAC's would be great but how exactly?

Thanks in advance
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