Sipgate VOIP with Siemens GigasetC450IP and Wingate

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Sipgate VOIP with Siemens GigasetC450IP and Wingate

Postby baumann30 » Jun 13 06 2:49 am

Sipgate told me to forward theses ports to my Siemens VOIP telephone:
5004, 5060,10000 and 8000-9000 all with UDP

I did so and I can phone outside and can be reached from outside, but I do not hear my phoning partner is hearing me ??!!
What else can I do ???
Please help !!

Link to Siemens ip phone:

and I'm using this phone: Gigaset C450 IP ... %2C00.html

ok I deleted all forwarding and everything is allright...don't know why...
sorry for the trouble, but perhaps this post may be useful for others using this phone...?!

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