restrict FTP Proxy acces

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restrict FTP Proxy acces

Postby movahed » Jun 13 06 11:10 pm

easy task, seems to be to difficult for me

i would like to restrict the FTP proxy functionality of Wingate for only special useres. This means: the FTP-Client (SmartFtp 2.0) uses the wingate ftp proxy to access external ftp server. in Smart FTP you can assign username @ passwords for Proxys. But everytime i try to get Acces with the Usernames an Password i created in WinGate (FTP Proxyservice) i get one of the Errors: a) Bad username format - format is user@host:port or b) Wingate denied Acces.

i Only want to use the FTP proxy and NOT the www proxy, and i want to you an own Userdatabase and not the Windows UserDatabase
Ist it really as difficult as i think? Thank you alot for any help
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