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Wingate and 2 domains

Jul 19 06 4:27 am


Just a general question:

I am going to set up Wingate tomorrow at another site. I don't know everything about the other site's network configuration, but I know it's a Windows 2003 Active Directory network and they have 2 domains there. I don't know if there is a trust between the 2 domains or not.

I intend to configure Wingate to use the AD users database. I'm wondering what I should expect when I sync the AD user DB with Wingate with respect to there being 2 domains? Will Wingate just simply show the users from both domains in the Users tab, just like it does with only 1 domain?

Sorry to be so general about it. I just don't have a lot info right now and I'm just looking for a general idea of what normally should be expected in this case.

Thank you
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