WinGate 6.6, problems with banlist

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WinGate 6.6, problems with banlist

Postby Enot » Feb 13 14 10:03 pm

Good day!
Please tell me who knows , because of what such a thing in WinGate 6.6. I run the time of entry to the Internet , install razraschennye Sites ( by default, all prohibited by policy requirements ) , and as a result it in the allotted time to razraschennym sites do not have access to the browser user writes that access to the resource and in the zapreschet WinGate I have shown that the authentication fails , and no internet user . Computer name and ip address coincide with those that are registered in the identification policies WinGate. When I disable the ban list , appears online and running. I can not understand why such a thing = ( . Rules ban sheet set on the following principle : «This criterion is NOT met if» «server name» «contains» «Microsoft» ( tried to write the full name and equating site still does not work ) . Bloch certain types of sites can not , you can only open certain . Help please .
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