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Basic Wingate Setup Guidence Needed

Sep 26 14 12:41 am

Hope you can help, I have just bought and installed Wingate, Kaspersky and Puresight. All are registered and the update pages says they are up to date.

My requirements are very simple;
1 - All users have the same restrictions
2 - None of the users are authenticated
3 - All users use Wingate as the proxy
4 - Puresight categories to be enforced

So at the moment all users have complete access to any site, ie although Puresight has added a number of categories none of them are enforced.

I suppose part of the problem is that I cannot see the connection between the Access controls and the policies. (the access controls hit count is incrementing but the policies are not.

What am I missing and since this must be a very standard setup can you add some screenshots?
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