How to setup the Wingate Reverse Proxy?

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How to setup the Wingate Reverse Proxy?

Postby teowx82 » Apr 20 15 9:49 pm


Currently I am using the Wingate version 6.64 as my proxy server. The service i use is WWW proxy, my server is window server 2003, and i had 2 network connection. 1 internal and 1 external.
This is for the usage of the client to access the web server website via this wingate proxy server. The current configuration i used is by redirecting the request from the client(external) to the web server(internal). I am not sure if this is the correct way to do so. And also, recently got an issue is after rebooting the server, the server itself cannot access the web server website unless i disable the external network, access the website and enable it back so that my client can access too. Another question is that, will reverse proxy configuration solve my current problem?

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