Windows 2012 Active directory authentication

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Windows 2012 Active directory authentication

Postby espengongo » Nov 03 16 6:36 am

Dear All,
I'm using Wingate with windows 2012 AD repository for users/group access rules. When I set up an authentication rule, Wingate proxy is not responding to the login provided.
In the wingate user/group, the full user name (Windows display name: First name, midle, lastname) is provided as name while the user id is given in the property in the form <windows userid>@< domain name>.suffix>. In teh wingate authentication form the combination AD-domain\userid or user full username is not recognize by the wingate.
I was hoping that wingate has to use the windows credentials to log in the wingate but it doesn't work. But when I try to define the rule based on the user in the AD, wingate work with the full name of the AD user.
I attach the printscreen.

Your prompt reply is highly appreciate.

Best regards,

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