wingate conditional proxy routing btn 2 network connections

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wingate conditional proxy routing btn 2 network connections

Postby diakonia » Jan 17 17 12:11 pm

I foundyour wingate and was wondering if it will work to allow me to route all traffic that meets various hostnames to one "network connection" and all of the rest to another "network connection". The goal is to have wingate present itself in windows 10 as a "network connection' icon that conditionally routes traffic between two network connections.

I'm wanting to use it to route all Tmobile binge on traffic to my Tmobile usb tethered connection and all other traffic to another speedify network connection. Then I can point my Connectify hotspot max software to wingate.

I have a home network with various pcs, Macs, and mobile devices that are all using the network that is provided by Connectify hotspot.

Does your software do what I'm looking for or is there something else you'd recommend that I look at using?
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