Serious security issue with standard version

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Serious security issue with standard version

Postby Mumia76 » Aug 31 17 5:30 am

I found out that one of my user's password has probably been compromised, and someone is trying to send huge amounts of unsolicited mail trough my wingate server.

But there is a problem I have a standard license and it says I can't access usage logs. Then how the hell am I supposed to determine which user is compromised and is being used to access the smtp service without permission?

This is a serious security issue, how can I find out which user(s) to disable or change their password? I can't just disable all the users.
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Re: Serious security issue with standard version

Postby MattP » Aug 31 17 9:08 am


You're welcome to activate a 30 day free trial, this will give you access to the usage logs.


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