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proxy for lan connection

Sep 23 17 3:05 pm


Can someone please help me to setup a proxy(SOCKS5) on android 6.0.1

I have a wifi connection in PC and PC is connected to VPN
Shared the TAP-Win32 with local area connection and now my Odroid-C2 has internet trough my vpn

What I need to do is to be able to have some sock5 connection in my PC so I can share it with android.

PC system WIN7
WinGate 9.0.8


Re: proxy for lan connection

Sep 26 17 8:22 pm


You can install a SOCKS proxy in the WinGate console, go to Control Panel::Services, choose Install service from the tasks panel and select the SOCKS proxy. Now enter the IP address and port of your SOCKS proxy in your Android device to connect to the proxy.


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