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Passing username information to the next-hop firewall

Oct 10 17 9:38 pm

Hello... We are currently testing a configuration in an Active Directory environment where WinGate is installed between our internal users and the firewall. The firewall also performs URL filtering function and needs to be able to identify users to correctly apply various URL filtering rules. The firewall does not have the capability to be configured as an upstream proxy. Is there a way to configure WinGate to pass the username information to the firewall? Thank you!

Re: Passing username information to the next-hop firewall

Oct 11 17 8:37 am

You can add headers to the upstream request, e.g use a flow-chart policy on the Request event of the proxy with some script like

Request.Headers.Add("X-For-User", User.AccountName)


Request.Headers.Add("X-Forwarded-For", Session.ClientIp)

but you would probably want to stop that leaking past your next firewall, can it strip headers?
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