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feature question

Postby noosik » Oct 12 17 7:19 am

Is it possible to use wingate as router?

i have a machine with a couple of nics and VPN connection configured. I want to let other pcs use the machine as a router that sends everything they do through the VPN connection. I have been given some vpn client software that i dont want to deploy on 60 machines, i want to put it on one and have the rest of the clients piggy back of that.

if it can also be used a vpn server for them but not a router then that is also fine, i dont mind setting up the built in windows vpn client on them all , i just want to avoid the custom package deployment. If i need to give more info then let me know

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Re: feature question

Postby adrien » Oct 22 17 11:43 am


Yes, WinGate will do routing.

What VPN product are you looking to use? If it assigns an IP to the client, then you'll have issues with other computers sharing that IP address.

But IPSEC VPNs should allow you to set up a subnet to subnet VPN, so in fact you shouldn't even need WinGate for this.


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