Port forward to server using wingate as gateway

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Port forward to server using wingate as gateway

Postby Dushan » Oct 18 17 2:48 am


I have a remote desktop server behind a cisco router. We use a simple port forward (3389) in combination with 2-factor authentication. So users need to confirm on their smartphone when logging in.
I created a new windows server tyo serve as a proxy and installed wingate in order to limit the reachable websites. For this I changed the default gateway on the remote desktop server to point to the proxy.
This works ok.
But my port forward on the cisco doesn't work anymore. I changed to port mapping on the cisco to point 3389 to the wingate proxy instead of the RDP. I added a port redirection on the extended network screen to the RDS but I'm still unable to make a connection from the outside to the RDS.

Any ideas?

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Re: Port forward to server using wingate as gateway

Postby adrien » Oct 22 17 11:41 am


often port redirects require the reverse path to be the same as the forward path.

So if your cisco port redirect went directly to a server, which then went out via WinGate then via the CIsco, then the return packets would be NATed by WInGate, and not match the source expected by the cisco.

So if you change the default gateway on a machine behind WinGate, you'll need to map the port from the cisco via WinGate as well (and therefore need to set up a port forwarding in WinGate as well).


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