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about hash entries

Oct 26 17 4:54 pm

Hi Qbik Team.
can anybody paste here whole note/message/tips under Wingate Advanced Option > Performance (refer screenshoots below)

some note or explaination cannot be read, try to scroll down using keyboard arrow, mouse wheel, but the note still cannot scroll down to read.
screenshoots : (cannot read the note under performance)
Untitled.png (26.98 KiB) Viewed 1096 times

default setting = 512
what's the effect if increased to 1024 / 2048 / etc?

thank you

Re: about hash entries

Oct 30 17 10:13 pm


Hash entries are the connection entries stored in the WinGate driver which relate to individual "connections".... this includes actual TCP connections, entries to track UDP traffic between 2 peer IP:ports, and ICMP.

The connection entry is used to track where a returning packet should be forwarded, e.g. all packets returning from peers on the internet have the destination IP of the WinGate server so they need to be forwarded to the correct LAN host.

That number just indicates how many are created initially, if that number is used up, more will be allocated, so it's not really that important, you can save some allocations by pre-allocating a bigger pool. This was more of an issue on memory-constrained XP systems where non-paged kernel memory was a limited resource. Not really an issue nowadays with cheap RAM.

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