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DNS service help

Oct 31 17 2:16 am

I have one computer that keeps filling up my global log with the message "...Unknown DNS Service 4144 943824 warning 0 DNS resolver timed out." I have narrowed it down to the Firefox browser. I have even started it in safe mode and still get that message. I immediately get that message when the browser starts and there is a blank home screen. Then NIC is set to get all settings from the DHCP server like all of the other PC's on the network. What I am wondering is what is the root cause of that message so that I can troubleshoot further?

Re: DNS service help

Oct 31 17 4:23 am

After some digging I figured it out. It kept getting an error on a DNS lookup for a1089.d.akamai.net. After some digging, I ended up having to set the network.captive-portal-service.enabled setting to FALSE in firefox. There is still an interesting issue that as far as I can tell, there is no problem with that name resolution and that is the only computer that had the issue. Anyhow, it is resolved now.
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