How to log youtube videos?

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How to log youtube videos?

Postby flmbray » Nov 11 17 6:51 am

I'm investigating WinGate as a potential solution to monitor my daughter's youtube activity - that is, I want to be able to see exactly which videos she is watching. So far, I've been unable to accomplish this because it seems that the URL on the youtube page isn't being recorded anywhere. I've turned on WWW Proxy Server logging, and I see things like and, and a bunch of video streaming URLs (eg CONNECT r1---sn.....) but nothing with the nor with the video ID. Is this possible, and where would I need to configure this?
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Re: How to log youtube videos?

Postby adrien » Nov 14 17 10:07 am


youtube uses https, so in order to see the actual URLs requested, you'd need to enable https inspection, otherwise all the proxy sees is the connection (tunnel) to the server.


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