Acces to services binded to Internet connection

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Acces to services binded to Internet connection

Postby ffvvvv2 » Nov 27 17 8:14 pm

We have a Windows Server 2008 R2 and installed Wingate 8.5.9.
Server have a two NIC's (for example, and
On server we install mail server, which listen on both of IP's
(port 25 and 110).
Then we gave rights to one of users to NAT.
This user have unrestricted rights to NAT.
NAT works fine for him, expect one: he can not access
to all services of, include ping.
For example, he have access to
and can not access to
With this exception, NAT works fine: for example,
user may ping and receive mail form Gmail.
How to get access to ser\vices of Internet connection?
Sorry for my bad English!
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Re: Acces to services binded to Internet connection

Postby adrien » Dec 07 17 4:20 pm


WinGate doesn't support NATing from inside the network to the external interface.

Normally to get around this, you would use DNS to get the clients inside the network to connect to the internal interface instead, by resolving the name looked up to the internal IP when asked within the network (e.g. DNS server in LAN provides internal address for this name).

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