How do you name a "Machine"

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How do you name a "Machine"

Postby tuf » Dec 07 17 4:26 pm

I have wingate configured and when I look in the "Monitoring"->"Activity" section, all of the computers are displaying by their IP address, not their system name. If I right-click on the IP address and select properties, a box displays with the title "Properties of machine". In this box, there is a section that says "Wingate username" which I believe would let me set the computer name. However, I am unable to edit this field.

It would be helpful for me to see the computers listed by their computer name, not by their IP address. How can I change/update this information?

thanks much in advance!
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Re: How do you name a "Machine"

Postby MattP » Dec 08 17 8:09 pm


Acquiring the machine name is not 100% reliable, and relies on the computer name information passing through your router and being obtainable by WinGate. There are reverse lookup settings if you right click the activity panel, but these are enabled by default.

The WinGate username is not the same as the machine name. The WinGate username would be the name that the user would log in as if you are using the WinGate user database.


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