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Question: sometimes WG displays "blocked page" sometimes not

Dec 08 17 6:02 am

Hopefully someone can clarify/explain this.

I have WinGate setup as a proxy with a whitelist of available sites. If someone navigates to a website that is not in the whitelist, sometimes the browser displays a webpage that says "The proxy server is refusing connections" and other times the browser will display a webpage that says "BLOCKED. WinGate has blocked http...".

WG_refusing.jpg (157.94 KiB) Viewed 1181 times

WG_blocked.jpg (129.89 KiB) Viewed 1181 times

My question is, what determines which of these webpages is displayed?

And for reference, during this time only 1 computer was using the proxy and I'm running WinGate version 9, the free edition.

Thanks much in advance!

Re: Question: sometimes WG displays "blocked page" sometimes

Dec 14 17 8:31 pm


What settings do you have in the browser for connecting to the proxy? Is it all machines that sometimes get the block page and other times get the error, or do some machines always get the block page and other machines always get the error?


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