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Clarifying 10 user licence

Jan 11 18 1:12 am

Hi, I am a home user. I am new to Wingate and would like to understand how the 10 users licence work. So is 10 users the same as 10 concurrent IP connections? If so what happens to the 11th IP? There are 4 in my family and already have 15 devices accessing the internet although not simultaneously. Cheers.

Re: Clarifying 10 user licence

Jan 12 18 4:50 pm


the question of what happens to the 11th IP address is basically it depends on the protocol in use.

For http (web browsing) the user will get a warning message that they exceeded the license count
for https, the user will get a generic connectivity error reported by the browser. This is because browsers ignore content on error responses to CONNECT, we can't do anything about this unless you're using https inspection which requires an enterprise license
for NAT the connection will be closed

basically if the protocol in use (via a WinGate proxy, rather than NAT) allows for a response to be given, then one is.

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