Evaluating WinGate

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Evaluating WinGate

Postby Roi Danton » Feb 01 18 6:41 am

Hi Folks,

I'm evaluating wingate for my personal use now.
It Looks promising to me so far but I have few questions which someone might answer me.

1. I'm looking for a Proxy to filter eg. Java scrtipt completely or other Things I would like not to enter my Network.
I think there is a Scripting engine which might do the Job for me. Is this correct and do I Need a pro license for this?

2. I'm thinking about using also the VPN solution which is part of the Enterprise solution. Is there a specific Client necessary to connect to the VPN Server? I'm asking because I would like to connect with my mobile phones and PC to the VPN.
I had some Trouble in the past Setting up a VPN because of my router. Is it possible to test the VPN-Server in advance to see if I'm able to get it working behind my router?

It would be great to read some answers.

Many thanks!

Best regards,

Roi Danton
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Re: Evaluating WinGate

Postby MattP » Feb 01 18 8:23 pm

Hi Roi,

Do you mean you want to have some filter on the WWW proxy that blocks Javascript? I suppose you could do this by blocking .js files. If you are going to do that with https traffic then you'll need an Enterprise license so that you can use SSL inspection. Otherwise you won't get access to the secure traffic.

The VPN requires WinGate to be installed on each VPN node, so you won't be able to run it on your phones. WinGate can only be installed on Windows platforms. We are having a problem at the moment with the Windows 10 Creator update, it breaks our driver. So that is something to consider when looking at your VPN options. If you do want to try it out, install WinGate on your remote computer and activate a free 30 day trial, then you can configure the VPN at the main location and connect in to that. You will probably need to open port 809 TCP & UDP on your router and forward them to the WinGate server.


Qbik Staff
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Re: Evaluating WinGate

Postby Roi Danton » Feb 01 18 9:29 pm

Hi Matt,

thanks for your answer. Yes, I would like to block js. I'll try to block the extension. Sounds easy.

The VPN solution seems not suitable for me. To bad. But lucky me. I think it's enough for me to stay with the free license.

Thank you for your answers.

Best Regards,

Roi Danton
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