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First ping packet lost, if running in NAT mode

Mar 22 18 3:55 am

the Wingate software runs as NAT router on a Win10 IoT computer. The following NICs are installed on the computer:
LAN2 (
The WIFI NIC is configured as Windows AP.
I want to PING a participant in the LAN 2 network from a separate laptop (e.g. which is connected to the WIFI AP network.
The laptop is connected to the WIFI AP

Unfortunately, with a PING request from to a subscriber, the first packet is always lost. With another PING, all packets are sent successfully and only as long as the ARP cache has not been cleared.
Windows and WINGATE Firewall are inactive.
Unfortunately we use specially purchased software which does not want to establish a connection from to a subscriber if the first PING fails.
As soon as I deactivate the WINGATE software it is easily possible. I doubt a little because with deactivated WINGATE the first package always gets through.

Does anybody have an idea? I have already deactivated or reconfigured all possible services, etc. under WIngate. Unfortunately without success. Since all other PINGs get through, the WINGATE software is configured correctly for me.

Thank you in advance.
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