Reverse Proxy Config

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Reverse Proxy Config

Postby btolsta » May 31 18 9:43 pm

Good morning,

I have a question about if its possible to set up wingate as a reverse proxy in the current setup i have. We use another proxy server right now for all our corporate clients, lets say its We are wanting to use Wingate just as a reverse proxy for a select few websites. In this example lets say Wingate is I have configured the reverse proxy server services on Wingate and i know they are working fine if the client has wingate specified as its proxy server in the IE options. The issue i have is that my clients have to keep the original proxy as their specified proxy. What i had thought would be the solution is this:

Client requests an alias for a website i want reverse proxied
The alias for that site is in the local proxy exceptions on the client
In my local DNS that alias is pointing to the Wingate server address
Wingate would get the request and reverse proxy to the actual website and serve the page back to the client.

Everything works apart from the last and important part :)

The webpage never gets served. Is what i am trying possible?
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Re: Reverse Proxy Config

Postby adrien » Jun 13 18 7:27 am


Yes, WinGate is commonly used as a reverse proxy.

The key difference is WinGate gets the request as if it were the actual server (behind WinGate). the clients aren't actually using WinGate as a proxy in this case (not in their proxy config), but they are just connecting to it as if it is the server, based on DNS resolution.

This is configured in WinGate in the WWW proxy in the "Web Server" tab, where you can specify sites (host names and whether or not the request came in over https), and what to do with each site (block, redirect, or reverse proxy). If you choose the reverse proxy action, you specify where the actual server is behind WinGate.


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