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Fail to move email to sent folder.

Jun 29 18 7:52 pm


I have a problem with the email functionality of wingate.
When I log in to the server from the local network using Thunderbird, and I write a message I get an error that the message couldn't be moved to the sent folder.
If I log in remotely with the same user, trough an external adapter it works flawlessly.

What could be the problem?

Re: Fail to move email to sent folder.

Jun 30 18 10:45 am


Have you tried a different mail client?

What mail client are you using for your external test?



Re: Fail to move email to sent folder.

Jul 21 18 5:33 am

I'm sorry, I forgot about this.
I use the same email client from external and internal connection. The Latest version of Thunderbird 32bit / 52.9.1 currently.
The same happens with drafts as well, the save process fails.

What client should I try? Windows mail, doesn't even support remote sent / draft folders, it stores sent items locally, which is no good for me.

Re: Fail to move email to sent folder.

Jul 26 18 1:51 pm

I personally use eM Client. It's pretty good as an IMAP client, although they no longer do server-side search since version 7 (which I personally think is a mistake, since it means you can't search mail content you didn't download).

Failing to move mail though sounds more like maybe a file folder permissions issue? Do you see anything logged in the IMAP server logs indicating a failure to move a file?

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