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How to set up NAT routing for a TAP adapter?

Aug 15 18 9:07 am

I need to set up NAT routing, but I've struggled finding information for Windows, most posts deal with Linux only. Someone pointed out Wingate, and I'd like to know if I can route my Wireless to my TAP adapter. I wouldn't use any of the other features of Wingate (VPN, proxy, firewall, dns resolver...), so I'd still prefer a more lightweight option if it's available (e.g., using the command line only).

The reason I need to route is because I use the TAP adapter to provide Internet to my VM in a Windows host. If I am using Ethernet I can just bridge br0{eth0,tap0} and it works. However, the bridge doesn't work for Wireless (br0{wlan0,tap0} doesn't work: https://superuser.com/a/658143).

Other alternatives that have been suggested are using Hyper-V to set up NAT (cannot use it because it conflicts with Intel Hardware Acceleration needed for the VM), and using a second PC (connected through Ethernet) and share the VM with RDP to my main PC (but I don't own another PC).

What would you suggest I do? Thank you.
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