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Can WinGate Fix my problem ? look inside

Sep 16 18 4:49 am


I have 2 Laptop .
The first Laptop connected to Internet via WiFi . The First Laptop has Socks 5 Software running on it via Port 9951 + Proxifier . Proxifier used here to redirect all software/ browsers etc to that Proxy coming from

Everything works great as you have guess . Now i want share the Internet from the first laptop to the second laptop using LAN Cable . what i get in the second laptop is the real router IP instead of the Socks 5 IP . that's mean Proxifier only redirect the connection to local software in the first laptop

How i can solve this problem ? my Goal is to share the Socks 5 connection with the second Laptop without doing any configuration in the second laptop . so every time i choose an ip from my Socks 5 software that will travil all the way to the second laptop without doing any configuration in the second laptop

Can WinGate create LAN adapter to redirect all the traffic to / 9951 . How to achieve my Goal at the end i want the second laptop to get the the socks 5
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