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Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access”

Nov 18 18 10:01 pm

I installed Wingate and as soon as I rebooted my WLAN is telling me “No internet access”. I removed wingate and rebooted and it’s still the same.

When I tracert it says “tracing route to google-public-dns-a.google.com” 1. Transmit error: code 1231

Troubleshoot does not find any issues. Wingate is no longer installed. There is nothing custom about my connection no DNS no default gateway changed nothing. Everything is set to auto as if it was a first boot.

Plugging in the LAN cable also does not work. The router is not a problem I’m connected on my phone to the same router to post this.

Please help.

Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Nov 19 18 4:04 pm


check your network adapter and see if the WinGate Network driver is installed on it. You could try unchecking this from your WAN adapter and see if this helps, you probably will need to reboot as well.


Adrien de Croy

Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Nov 19 18 4:08 pm

It wasn’t, which struck me as weird. Uninstalled Wingate and reinstalled to no avail. Actually fixed it by uninstalling completely then deleting my WAN and LAN adapters and rebooting. Won’t be trying Wingate again for sure.

Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Nov 19 18 4:51 pm

If WinGate was uninstalled, and the driver wasn't linked into your network adapters, then WinGate couldn't have been affecting your network - it just wasn't there.

Had you rebooted after uninstalling?

Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Nov 19 18 5:08 pm

I rebooted after every step. I’m a technical architect. Everything was working fine. I installed Wingate. No adapters worked afterwards. I did not change anything else between “internet working” and “Internet not working” other than installing Wingate.

You can reproduce by installing Wingate while Outline VPN client is installed and running.

Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Nov 28 18 9:36 am


it sounds like there's probably some kind of incompatibility between WinGate's network driver and the Outline VPN client driver. In these situations, whichever software is installed last tends to get the blame, but without some research it's impossible to tell which component of those 2 is at fault.

We'll have to take a look at the VPN client, thanks for the pointer.



Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Nov 28 18 4:39 pm

To be fair, since this happened I did some reading and the Outline VPN client has astoundingly bad reliability to the extent people recommend not to use it and use a different client to use their server software.

I understand my ire was first directed here as like you said the blame is usually placed at the last step and that was misplaced now I realise.

But, if even a warning from your installer pops up to disable the Outline connection might save some souls the post was worth it.

Re: Windows 10 - Since installing I have “No internet access

Mar 12 19 8:49 am


I think I had the same problem. I have Private Internet Access vpn installed and when I installed WinGate, my internal lte modem became unusable.

The wifi still worked. I think that was because I only had the lte on when I installed WinGate, or perhaps due to specifically selecting the modem adapter in WinGate and specifying as internet rather than auto.

After uninstalling WinGate the problem persisted.

Windows diagnostics said my sim card has been locked, but I subsequently read that this could be a driver problem. After resetting all my network adapters ( a windows thing ) and then uninstalling my modem driver a few times, the lte modem finally worked.

I didn't think that a WinGate driver would still be attached to be modem adapter, especially since uninstalling ( I didn't think to look either ). I will have another go at installing WinGate on another machine today.

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