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Gatekeeper UI

Nov 28 18 11:13 am

'morning all QBIK's; A long time in my absence.

We are building a new server and have had a difficulty with the UI after a system lockup.

The o/s is WSE 2016 and when a client was added to the Connector service the NIC became unresponsive, requiring a hard power off to recover the system.

Right now I disabled ENS and the client succeeded with backup using the WSE's Connector client; However Gatekeeper no longer reports activity and the UI is difficult to say the least.

The event log only reported; "The Qbik WinGate Engine service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s)."

I tried to restore an earlier registry but it made no difference.

Any thoughts ?
Gatekeeper UI.jpg
Gatekeeper UI !
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Re: Gatekeeper UI

Nov 28 18 11:32 am

Hi Nev, welcome back!

I'm wondering if the activity panels are undocked somehow and so you're seeing what would be behind it, which isn't properly managed.

Does this happen even after re-connecting with WinGate Management?

If so, you can clear the cached UI settings in the registry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Qbik Software\GateKeeper

You can trash this whole key (you'll lose shortcuts), or just the subkey with the name of the computer running WinGate. Or even the subkey (under ModuleSettings) for the particular module, e.g. Qbik Software\GateKeeper\[wgserver]\ModuleSettings\Activity



Re: Gatekeeper UI

Nov 28 18 11:42 am

Hello Adrien,

Thank you for the reply; Most appreciated.

I did rename the key ....Gatekeeper\Wingate and the UI restored.

Will watch what happens today as we register the remainder of client systems to the WSE Connector; I suspect it will be trouble free.

Cheers !

Re: Gatekeeper UI

Nov 28 18 2:09 pm

Nev? Is that really you?

Re: Gatekeeper UI

Nov 28 18 4:09 pm

Hey Larry,

It is I; It is me // Nev.

I was wondering if Larry was still a Wingate forum fan just this morning (our time).

Yes; It has come to time that servers' are being upgraded and we are moving to 9x.

As ever, great, flexible and powerful software by the QBIK team.

How are things, In the continental U.S.?

We are facing a Climate downfall, lots of heat-waves, cranky storms and drought; Time we all took to Renewables asap.

Cheers //
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