VPN Usage

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VPN Usage

Postby MichaelWaterman » Dec 13 18 9:11 am


I'm currently using WinGate for my LAB setup and would like to ask the following. Is the VPN option in WinGate only for site-to-site connections or can it also host client computers? I can't seem to get the latter working.

Thanks for a reply!
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Re: VPN Usage

Postby MichaelWaterman » Dec 14 18 10:37 pm

Anyone? It's seemingly impossible to find any info on the subject.
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Re: VPN Usage

Postby adrien » Dec 15 18 3:24 pm


actually we sell a specific license for this - the remote user license.

However, in some cases it works better than others. for example if you're connecting from a laptop over wifi, it should work fine, as the same interface defines the default gateway as uses the VPN.

If your laptop has a dialup or other direct connection which provides another interface, then some OSes have trouble with the redirection of the packets from one interface to another for inbound traffic. Also the OS - when making a connection over the VPN will usually choose the interface that matches the route for the destination, which tends to be the default route.

What scenario are you trying to get working?


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