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Reverse DNS

Dec 19 18 8:35 pm

Hi guys

Is there any way I can do a reverse dns lookup for a given IP utilising a policy ?


Re: Reverse DNS

Dec 20 18 1:15 pm


WinGate already does a reverse lookup for any IP that connects to it.

This is stored in Session.ClientDNSName and should be available soon after the client connects (the lookup is asynchronous and kicked off when the connection is made).

This is also logged in Web proxy usage logs as c-DNS. It's not logged by default, but you can turn it on in the WWW Proxy usage logs on the Format tab.

In policy there's a DNS lookup item, but it's designed mainly for RBL lookups, in that it matches the A record return value against a fixed IP.

There's also the script object DNSClient which can do a lookup of a name and record type, but doesn't actually have a way to return a polymorphic response type so doesn't return the actual name at all (so it's only really useful for populating the DNS cache).

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