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Wingate and networks

Feb 15 19 5:00 pm

I'm running Wingate and a separate mail server (not Wingate's) on the same Windows 2008 R2 machine.
One NIC card with two external IP addresses -- one for Wingate, one for the mail server (DNS mail.mycompany.com) , both using the same gateway.
One NIC card for internal LAN.

Mail server is set up as IMAP with typical ports for SSL use -- inbound port 143, SSL port 993
Everything seems to run fine, except that remote users cannot get to the mail server.

A real dummy question: Is it correct that attempts to connect from the outside to the mail server directly via mail.mycompany.com are completely unaffected by any port settings in Wingate? Since they're on separate IP addresses.


Re: Wingate and networks

Mar 06 19 8:39 am

Hi Lee

It's possible that WinGate firewall settings could affect access to your other IP on the same interface, as the firewall is interface type specific, rather than IP specific.

So you may need to open those ports to allow connection from the internet.


Adrien de Croy
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