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Improve speed

Feb 19 19 3:55 pm

Assuming that the internet bandwidth is in not fully utilized by the users, what are the methods to shorten the
response time of wingate to proxy requests?

Re: Improve speed

Mar 06 19 8:37 am

Often when bandwidth isn't being fully used, the issue can be latency.

places to look are

* DNS resolution speed (if this is slow, then requests are limited by the rate at which they can resolve target IP addresses). Test this using nslookup to do some requests and see how long they take, or other DNS diagnostic tools.
* https certificate validation.
* general link latency

In general WinGate doesn't wait around to do anything, so shouldn't introduce latency, unless there are a large number of active connections to the proxy or it has very few processor cores to work with.


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