Performance Issue

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Performance Issue

Postby fritz » Mar 08 19 2:47 pm

We've use wingate for couple years, It runs well for past years, But, recently we got the performance issue,
I have already referred to the user's manual, and the following two articles


For some reason, we didn't use the cache/web activity/log at the beginning,
but we found when client up to 1000, our wingate starts to make a mistake,
and I check the WGOption.exe , I see "Max network buffers" is set to 512,
then I change the setting and reboot, but I see "Max network buffers" still 512,
then check the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\QbikhkVistaAMD32\Parameters
the registry looks like
I can't see the registry about the MaxNetBuffers, so should I add this registry directly??

And another question, if I change the "Max Network Buffers" from 512 to 8192, is it possible to handle 16K session??

My Server Spec
IBM X3650 M4/(Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2)*2/32gRAM/2008 R2 64bit

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Re: Performance Issue

Postby fritz » Mar 18 19 4:15 pm

Hi I've been change the MaxNetBuffers to 2048,
But the situation still the same, when the client connection > 3000,
lots of the error like "timeout" or "connection problem" started to appear,
Will there be any way to deal with it ??
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Re: Performance Issue

Postby adrien » May 13 19 11:57 am


how many cores do you have for the WinGate server? If it's a VM how many cores does that have?

3000 users is a lot of concurrent connections, which makes a lot of threads in WinGate. If there are not enough cores, this increases the time threads need to wait to process I/O. This is independent of CPU utilisation as well, so the system can be saturated even if the CPU is showing relatively low usage.


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