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Saving messages to Sent / Draft folder fails (IMAP)

Mar 17 19 10:29 pm


I have a problem with saving sent messages to draft / sent folders. When connected to the server trough a local network. I've tried multiple email clients, the same issue is present with both.
When I send a message, it is sent, but then the subsequent saving of the message fails with a timeout, thus I have no record of outgoing messages.
Same thing happens when I Try to save a composed message as a draft.
The Sent / Draft folders both exist on the server, and when I connect to the IMAP server from an external network (From the internet) there is no such problem the messages can be saved.

What could be the cause?

Re: Saving messages to Sent / Draft folder fails (IMAP)

Apr 01 19 12:37 am


are you able to read messages in the Inbox?

sending uses SMTP, and IMAP is used to append the messages to the sent items and draft folders


Adrien de Croy
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