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Not getting Session.ServerIP

May 10 19 1:59 am

I'm trying to setup a list of IP addresses that are to be blocked. Known malicious sites etc … stuff not blocked by Lumen. I can add the IP address in the IP Blackhole list, but that only works if the user specifies http://ipaddress/somefolder/somefile in the URL. This doesn't stop an IP that hosts 200+ webpages. After reading on here, I decided to go the route of WWW Proxy Service Request event policy. My initial tests were not being blocked so I setup an email event and had it email me these events just so I could see what was being compared.


This was the response that I received.

At first glance, it looks like it's not working as intended … surely I am missing something?

Re: Not getting Session.ServerIP

May 13 19 11:45 am


Try using the ProxyRequest event instead, the server IP address has not been looked up yet at the point where the Request event is fired.


Adrien de Croy

Re: Not getting Session.ServerIP

May 21 19 1:24 am

Thanks Adrien!

That was indeed the problem.
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