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VPN Crashing

May 18 19 9:30 pm

Hi guys

I've been successfully connecting a VPN from a server on version (client) to another server (host) for a number of years.

I am wanting to connect this existing client to my new server

When I attempt to connect via the client side the host just reboots.

Any ideas ?


Re: VPN Crashing

May 23 19 4:34 pm


what OS is the new server running?



Re: VPN Crashing

Jun 05 19 8:52 pm

Hi Adrien

Windows 10 Pro 64

Re: VPN Crashing

Nov 26 19 6:02 am

Hi Adrien

Any luck on this bud. It appears to be Win 10 Pro 64 related.

I have tried it on several machines.

Get blue screen when attempting to join VPN - IRQL not less or equal.


Re: VPN Crashing

Mar 17 20 4:33 am

Hi community,

sorry for crossposting, but answered just to this thread...

We have the same problem when joining a VPN: blue screen with IRQL UNEXPECTED VALUE:

We tried it on two machines:
- Wingate on Win 10 Pro 64 bit, version 1909
- Wingate on Win 10 Home 64 bit, version 1903

The machines run stable until the joining node tries to connect the VPN.

Screenshots are attached, MEMORY.DMP can't be attached...

Is there any workaound ?

Best regards


Re: VPN Crashing

Aug 27 20 7:12 pm

Hi Thomas

Sorry for late reply only saw your post now.

I did get a response from Adrien regarding this.

It is apparently a known issue with code signing. I haven't had a response regarding a resolution.

Did you manage to get this working ?


Re: VPN Crashing

Jul 15 21 9:17 pm

Hi Adrien

Has there been any movement on this signing issue ?

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