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Use as proxy only

Postby mtagles » May 23 19 7:28 am


I am looking into a situation where I need a proxy server to sit between client PC's and a firewall. We are planning to use the content filtering mechanism on the firewall but the firewall does not accept proxy traffic,only routed traffic. I figure use Wingate only as a middleman proxy and then have the firewall content filter all traffic from the Wingate Proxy server.

In the default configuration is wingate doing any content filtering?
What would be the recommended server specs for 300 concurrent users flowing through the proxy?
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Re: Use as proxy only

Postby FishHook » Jun 01 19 8:01 am


If you are needing proxy only, I'm not for sure why you would want to have the proxy "sitting between" the firewall and client PC's because that would put all traffic passing through the proxy server. What we have setup is the proxy on the network and all PC's are pointed to the proxy server via DHCP PAC auto config file ..... or the proxy is set in the Control Panel/Internet/Proxy Settings. All traffic that is not HTTP or HTTPS goes straight to the firewall. The firewall has a rule dropping all traffic internally on port 80 except for traffic from the IP of the proxy server thereby forcing all HTTP traffic to be processed by the proxy.

Out of the box, I don't recall Wingate doing any Content Filtering and as far as the server specs go we purchased a desktop PC (Core i5 with 8Gb of memory and a SSD) and we don't have any issues with 100 concurrent users. Having said that, bear in mind that there are not that many licenses in use at any given time ... meaning client connects ... gets the data ... then client disconnects ... in a matter of seconds. This process repeats over and over with different users.
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