wingate usage query

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wingate usage query

Postby jmorrison » Jun 03 19 4:28 pm


Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but I couldn't find any other way on the main website. I work for a number of education sites where we have an upstream NTLM proxy that we have to authenticate to and im looking for a product to help streamline this. So in general our local username and passwords are the same as what we use for the upstream proxy provider but our main problem is usually our local credentials are automatically sent with our domain name that is incorrect and we have to use ourusername@upstreamprovider rather than ourusername@localdomain. Once the username and password are saved in windows credential manager the bulk of browsing is ok but because our users move around so frequently and aren't always on the same devices it causes a number of problems. Would wingate be able to enhance this process by automatically authenticating the respective users or would make no difference ? Im looking for something to basically reuse our logged on credentials and to change the supplied domain name to the upstream provider somehow
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Re: wingate usage query

Postby adrien » Jun 04 19 4:15 pm


For upstream NTLM WinGate just passes tokens between the client and upstream so it wouldn't be able to help much there.

Fundamentally the issue is that your logins are in different domains. You'd need some way to allow local users to automatically auth to the proxy, then the proxy would store per-user upstream creds, but would need to be able to support NTLM for upstream as well.

Since NTLM is a multi-step auth handshake, which requires inintial requests on a connection to be sent 3 times, there are a lot of headaches with it (e.g. new connection with large upload is the classic killer), and this is why WinGate and many other proxies don't offer the option for NTLM for upstream proxy auth.

Do you have any kind of control over the upstream proxy?


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Re: wingate usage query

Postby jmorrison » Jun 04 19 4:35 pm

Unfortunately no control whatsoever. As a stop gap I was able to put the correct username in credential manager so that internet explorer at least shows it as the default and prompts us to put the correct password but I was hoping to find a product or method behind the scenes to streamline it. Ive toyed with maybe using CNTLM or similar, id even consider something that stores the credential behind the scenes to be reused on the clients behalf but haven't come across anything out there and im avoiding creating a custom solution where possible
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