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Postby ing.chatboy » Jul 28 19 7:17 pm

Question: Why does WinGate decide to delete all folders within a hard drive if they aren't specified as part of the cache volume? Case in point: I had an external hard drive with a \WinGate folder serving as a cache, yet when rearranging the volumes (because said hard drive was failing and I had to move the volume to another one), I may have hit 'purge' and WinGate decided to erase all the other folders! Is that expected of WinGate? Or did I just stumble upon a bug?
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Re: ZombieDelete!

Postby adrien » Aug 01 19 3:18 pm


it shouldn't delete any folders that weren't part of a volume.

There was a problem with an older version (a few years ago) if the cache volume was set to the root folder of a drive.

Which version of WinGate was this?


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