Enabling keep-alive on reverse proxy

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Enabling keep-alive on reverse proxy

Postby lharter » Aug 17 19 8:39 am

I am trying to get an outside vendor's connection working, and their tech people have made the following comments:

The connection must use either chunked encoding, or have the content-length header. I have ascertained that http/1.1 is being used, so it seems like chunked encoding would be used automatically. They tell me though, that it isn't being used. The other option, is to have the content-length header. They seem to believe that if I can enable keep-alive on the connection with the reverse proxy, that this will ensure that the content-length header is included.

I am beyond frustrated with them. I haven't found any keep-alive setting within the reverse proxy service. Does anyone know where that setting might be found, or if it exists? Barring that, is there any way to "force" chunked encoding. For example, can I manually set the transfer-encoding header to chunked, and would that likely work? If so, where would I set that?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Enabling keep-alive on reverse proxy

Postby adrien » Aug 21 19 5:11 am


The server shouldn't require keep-alive on an http/1.1 request to use chunking. However if the server doesn't play nicely, it is possible to write additional headers into back-end requests.

In the ServerRequest event, if you attach a policy you can set headers in an expression evaluator, But you can't set connection header with this, as it has special http-mandated hop-by-hop processing.

However I checked the code, and when it builds the back-end request it sets Connection: Keep-Alive if there was no existing Connection header (which should have been removed).

So the Connection: Keep-Alive should be on the requests already.


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