cisco router pbr pointing to wingate proxy

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cisco router pbr pointing to wingate proxy

Postby aeron127 » Aug 23 19 5:59 pm

Hi, Everyone.

Good day.

Its my first time trying to setup a wingate proxy and I'm trying to route my LAN users http traffic going to wingate proxy via our cisco router .
Are there any configuration change i need to do on the wingate proxy?

My setup is similar to what the link is showing and configuration i did is also the same. ... irect.html

Any inputs or suggestions are highly appreciated.

- Aeron
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Re: cisco router pbr pointing to wingate proxy

Postby adrien » Sep 03 19 5:08 pm


if you want to intercept traffic via another router (e.g. not the WInGate computer) there are 2 ways you can do this.

1. Set next hop to WinGate computer and have WInGate be a router that intercepts the traffic. In this scenario the original destination in the packets is unchanged so WinGate sees that when the connection is intercepted.

2. Divert the connection to the WinGate proxy. In this case, the destination IP is changed to the WInGate server IP. This also means the clients think that WinGate is a server rather than a proxy, and so the requests will be of the form normally sent to a server. The response to this is defined in the Web Server tab in the WWW proxy. In this scenario you would set the action to Forward proxy. So WiNGate gets the connection, reads the request, takes the host header out and uses that to determine the destination of the request.


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