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Licence requirement

Sep 12 19 9:43 pm

I have a query about the right licence we need for deployment of wingate proxy to servers.

We are trialling Wingate for an enterprise environment where we have some servers on-prem at our customer's site that need to connect to a proxy running locally at our office site. There will be less than 100 total connected apps that will route through to these proxies. No users will be using the servers directly, but approximately 600 mobile device users will route traffic through those servers. What licence level do we need?

Re: Licence requirement

Sep 27 19 3:34 pm


you need a license for each installation of WinGate.

As for size, each different connected IP is considered a user, whether they log in or not or have a user account in WinGate or not.


Adrien de Croy
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