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Using Remote Headers and instead of x Headers

Sep 18 19 9:23 pm

Does anyone know how to forward the remote_addr and remote_host headers through a wingate proxy to the web server ?

Re: Using Remote Headers and instead of x Headers

Sep 26 19 10:19 am


Check this page


It's the server (IIS) who fills in this data for ASP. It does that based on the IP of the client that connected to it. This will be the reverse proxy. REMOTE_ADDR is not based on a received HTTP header, but is based on the TCP endpoint. This is determined by IIS.

You need to either

1. alter the ASP app to use a header that the reverse proxy passes to you instead of the server variable.
2. get IIS to give you different information in this server variable. It would have to get that from the header the proxy fills in. I don't think IIS can do this, since it gets the headers only after the request is made, but I could be wrong, I'm not expert on IIS.

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