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[Feature Request] Greater Certificate Management

Nov 30 19 2:26 pm

Hi All,
Hope you're well.

Currently WIngate uses its own internal Certificate Store to enable decryption, and even SSL on Reverse Proxies.
Has there been any consideration to allow the Administrator to choose between the Wingate Certificate Store, and the Windows Certificate store?
Allowing the Administrator to choose between the stores, would provide more easier manageability of said certificates.
Are there any issues that could prevent this change?

And on top of this, has there been any consideration for Let's Encrypt integration into Wingate?
For those of us who use Reverse proxies, I believe that this integration may be highly beneficial.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Re: [Feature Request] Greater Certificate Management

Dec 24 19 10:51 am


we have looked many times at using the Windows cert store, but there are a bunch of issues, such as accessing the private keys which is really required to do encryption.

We actually test for certificate trust (e.g. when connecting to a remote SSL enabled server). It's only for hosting (being a server) that WinGate uses its own store.

WinGate can import .pfx files which were exported from the Certificates MMC so it's fairly straightforward to get a cert from the Windows cert store into WinGate.

As for Let's Encrypt integration, we'll have to look into that, WinGate uses OpenSSL, so we'd require OpenSSL to support it for WinGate to be able to use it.


Adrien de Croy
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